Saturday, 29 June 2013


Hello my lovelies,

A short but sweet blog post for you all today. Yesterday I got all ~political~ and went to a flashmob because that's just the sort of wild teenager that I am. It wasn't the dancey kind of flashmob - although I'm all for impromptu dancing in the middle of the street - but it was fantastic nonetheless.

The event was run by a wonderful organisation called Body Gossip, whom I first came across after one of their founders gave an unbelievably inspiring talk at my school last year, and the aim was to promote body positivity. Everyone who attended was given a paper heart and told to write something they loved about their body in it. Then, at 1pm outside the Southbank Centre in London (in the rain no less!) everybody held up their hearts for three minutes. Simple, yet effective.

As someone who has struggled to maintain a positive body image - oh find me a teenage girl that hasn't! - this flashmob, and all the work that Body Gossip does, is incredibly important to me. I have had countless conversations, and have overheard countless more, just listing all the things I don't like about myself, so it was extremely refreshing to be surrounded by people of all ages and genders celebrating aspects of their body. For me it was my legs. For my friend it was her curves. For others it was their boobs or their face or their smile or their voice or their tattoos. Everybody had something. I left the event with a surge of confidence and a huge smile on my face - particularly after I found out that Debenhams has banned airbrushing in their campaigns, a decision that I hope the rest of the beauty industry will follow.

So I shall leave you with my #BodyLove photo, and with the suggestion - nay, order - to go check out Body Gossip and all the fantastic work they do around the country.

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